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Our foundation is based on a belief that companies need a dedicated partner to fill in the gaps of their human capital and expertise to help navigate through new challenges. We also believe that the best companies will also be expanding faster internationally than ever before. Our goal is to be your partner to help you adapt to new challenges and expand globally while adding to your bottom line.

  • Committed to Our Clients 100%
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  • Client Repurchase Rate 85%
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Kaushik Bhatta

Founder | CEO

Kaushik Bhatta (known as KB by his associates) founded B3 Alliance, Inc. to fill a desperate need. In owning and operating several businesses, he realized intimately the strong limitations that grossly effected small business vs. larger companies. Paramount was the ability to find and source a broad range of specialized talent to fill a growing company. With time and capital being a major restraint, smaller firms are not able to wait and readily source the skills needed to help them grow. He saw enormous potential in firms that sourced both talent globally and found opportunities to expand internationally. It was those core beliefs that helped found B3 Alliance, to fill a market that’s underserved.

Previously, KB worked in Market Research, Commodities, Finance, and Investments. He managed a proprietary trading broker dealer that spun into a hedge fund, and helped an investment firm manage several startups and investments across several industries. He studied computer science for his bachelor’s degree from Harvard University, previously for a bachelors in Economics and Political Science from Baruch College, and law at University of London.

Raj Puri

Information Technology Manager and Compliance

Raj helps with Information Technology, security and Compliance at B3 Alliance, Inc. He previously served as a Security Analyst at Capgemini and security and IT at Microsoft. He has experience in conducting vulnerability testing, and general Information technology services. He helps both B3 Alliance and clients of our firm with their IT needs.

He studied technology for his bachelors degree from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Madras.

Kieran Monaghan

Business Development Manager

Kieran is an experience professional in managing business partnerships and relationships. He has experience in business development and managing channel relationships. He currently manages affiliate and partnerships for B3 Alliance on behalf of the company and our clients. He previously worked at Accenture and Reuters in both IT and Operational roles.

He studied economics and accounting for a bachelor’s degree and a MBA from the University of Edinburgh.

Stacey Daniels

Operations and Management

Stacey helps manage operations for B3 Alliance and our clients. She assists with finance and accounting for our international operations and helps on project management for larger teams. She previously worked in finance and investments working as an analyst, and then manager at JP Morgan. She’s previously worked in managerial roles at boutique firms in finance.

She studied management for a bachelor’s degree in sciences from the University of Manchester.

Kevin Karthik

Business Development and Operation

Kevin helps B3 Alliance in all around operations and Business Development. He helps on prospecting, bringing on new partnerships, and new sales and onboarding with the management team. Previously Kevin worked as an business analyst focused on business to business relationships at Vonage.

Rose Castro

Human Resources Manager

Rose helps recruit, onboard, and process new staff members for B3 Alliance and our partners. She assists on all levels of Human Resource management and workflows for staff. She previously worked in other HR roles for companies including information technology companies and as an intern at Accenture.

She studied for a bachelor’s degree from the University of the Philippines.

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We’re building a company focused on international growth and opportunity. We’re helping to connect opportunities of talent and expansion for our partners.

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We’re committed to understanding unique problems and challenges using cross functional teams to help you grow and adapt to new obstacles.

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We are focused on our clients to help serve your needs and aid your growth. We look forward to being your long-term partner that helps your business grow.

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